Behind the Boots: Terra’s DIY Christmas Cards

One of my favorite holiday traditions is to create my very own Christmas cards.  Handmade holiday cheer is just as fun to make as it is to receive!  I’m going to share a few easy instructions to three simple creations.

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What you’ll need:
-Red card stock
-White textured paper
-Flesh colored card stock
-Black marker

Start by cutting a wide strip of flesh colored paper to glue across the front of your card. Add a second strip of red above the first to create Santa’s hat.  Tear two strips of white paper, don’t worry about making precise lines.  Glue one under the red to create the brim of Santa’s hat, the next on the bottom for his beard.  Next, draw on the eyes and smile.  Dip your finger onto the blush and add Santa’s rosy cheeks- it’s cold in the North Pole!


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What you’ll need:
-Paint samples
-Red ribbon
-Rhinestone embellishments

For this card I used paint samples to create a Christmas wreath.  Simply cut the samples into several circles of all colors and sizes.  Add any embellishments to your design, I chose rhinestones and a red bow.  Personalize it with your own holiday greeting and you’re all finished!


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What you’ll need:
-Craft paint
-White card stock
-Black marker

This hands-on greeting card is easy enough for kids to enjoy.  Start by drawing a string with black marker.  Be sure to create lots of swirls!  Add squares to hang the lights, and dip your finger in the paint for the finishing touch.



I hope you like these crafty Christmas cards. Tag me in your favorite Christmas crafts  @MDC_Terra!

Happy Holidays Dol-fans!


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