Courtney’s Last Game As A Rookie

It feels like only yesterday that I heard my name being announced as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader for the first time. Now it’s the last home game of the season against the Buffalo Bills.  Before the game started, I thought about my rookie year and how fast it went.  I couldn’t be any happier to dance with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders and be a part of such a wonderful team. Knowing that this was the last game of the season we would be cheering at was bittersweet! My body was filled with gratitude.

Although this season is coming to an end, I had so much to look forward to during this game.  I had family in town who had never been to a NFL game. They came to support and watch my sister and me cheer.  I was excited to share my experience with them. I knew it was going to be a fun and entertaining game for them to watch.

A special moment for me was our half time performance.  We danced to Christmas music with the Junior Cheerleaders.   I always enjoy watching how much fun they have out on the field.  During a section of the dance I was able to partner dance with my father and I was really proud of him!  We had so much fun together. I couldn’t have had a bigger smile.

In the fourth quarter, the Bills scored a touchdown, but that wasn’t keeping us from a win.  We ended the game winning, 24-10.  I really enjoy cheering for the Miami Dolphins and these are just some of the memories that will last a life time!

Forever Fins,

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