Each Game is Better than the Last for Macy
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Our second preseason home game against the Atlanta Falcons had so many exciting elements! I was looking forward to this game so much because I was ready to get back into the action after having such a great time at the first game. This game I felt just that little bit more comfortable on the field, knowing what to do and cheering to the fans. This game definitely had the stadium almost full with our wonderful Dolphins fans! It gives me so much energy to see everyone in the stands, cheering the team on.

Something I couldn’t wait for was our end zone performance to Katy Perry’s song Last Friday Night, which was super cute because it happened to be a Friday night game!  On top of all that was going on, we had another visit from some rain, although I think it’s kind of fun when it’s a little rainy because we get sweaty dancing anyway!

I just love dancing on the field cheering all of our fans, players, friends, and family on, especially because my two younger brothers got to come to their first NFL football game ever to see their big sister!  Each dance makes me more excited for the next one and the great vibe my group has is so awesome.  Every game is going to get better and better!


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