Pam supports Breast Cancer Awareness
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The Dolphins v. Broncos game on October 23 was dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. Being a Dolphins Cheerleader and being part of this game and tribute was really special to me. The month of Breast Cancer Awareness has always been really important to me because my mom had gone through breast cancer a couple years ago. I was looking forward to this game all month. All of the cheerleaders had the cutest jerseys with the breast cancer symbol along with pink pom poms to cheer with in representation of Breast Cancer Awareness. The players also wore pink sweat bands and police cars around the stadium were painted in pink all over.

During the game there was a special dedication to all those women who are breast cancer survivors and those who are currently dealing with breast cancer. To see the smiles on those ladies faces on the field only made my smile brighter. When I saw all the women out there it just reminded me of my experiences with my mother and how just like them, she was lucky that everything turned out perfectly fine. For those who are currently going through it, I wish them nothing but the best and to stay positive. This game was an honor to participate in and I’m blessed to have my mother by my side each and every day. This game was an experience and memory I will always hold with me.


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