2015 Veteran & Rookie of the Year

Vet and Rookie of Year
At our annual MDC Banquet, we celebrate our accomplishments as a team, look back at the memories we made, and take in the entire year. Every year, one rookie and veteran are voted by the team as the Rookie and Veteran of the Year. This year, Etta and Lauren were honored with this award. Here’s what they had to say about their achievements.


Etta Rookie of the year

Being voted as rookie of the year is an immense honor, and I am so grateful for the moments and people who lead me here. Without each one of my MDC sisters, I wouldn’t have been inspired to dance bigger and push my limits. I’m very thankful for my family because they always encouraged me to pursue my passion for dance. I’ve learned that through discipline, perseverance and God that anything is possible, and I owe the glory to Him.

Fins Up! Love,
Etta, 2015 Rookie of the Year


Lauren Vet of Year

Thinking back to the night of our MDC banquet, it’s a night that still seems so surreal. I was so honored and truly humbled to be awarded Veteran of the Year. There are so many amazing veterans on our team that give their heart and soul to make MDC what it is. The women that make up this team are women of integrity, compassion, faith and are true leaders in our South Florida community. It has been the most incredible blessing to have these ladies by my side on the field, but also in life. This moment at banquet was overwhelming for me because it was this time last year that I almost fell out of my chair finding out that I was awarded Rookie of the Year. I am so grateful to all of my sisters because there are so many women who deserved this award. I am also so proud of Etta for receiving Rookie of the Year. It has been a true privilege to cheer side by side with her this year. The Lord has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams with lifelong friends. To my MDC sisters, “be still and know.” Thanks for an amazing year. I love you.

-Lauren, 2015 Veteran of the Year


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