Ariana from Hawaii – Day 6
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Aloha Dolphins Fans! Only one more day left on this adventure and I can’t believe it’s almost game day. Here in Hawaii they have a Pro Bowl tradition called “Ohana Day,” meaning family day at Aloha stadium. It’s a game day practice with cheerleader performances, player practice and audience games. Next, we went straight to rehearsal practicing our huge pregame performance we are doing with Hot Chelle Rae! Afterward, we quickly got ready for the biggest block party in Waikiki that expects 70,000 people with six stages and stretching almost a mile long. We did performances and helped out with the Special Olympics auction! Today was also a special day because my mom and brother arrived in Hawaii for the game on Sunday! I am so thrilled for the game tomorrow! Tune into NBC at 6:45pm!


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