Behind the Boots: Felicia’s Summer Bucket List

We spend days dreaming about our summer vacations. Envisioning all of the exciting things we plan to do.  However, as soon as summer starts, a lot of that much-desired vacation time from school and work turns into boredom.  While yes, we all enjoy our time off, many of us still long for adventures that take us outside of our normal day to day activities.  Here is a list of activities to get your summer rolling.

  1. Go to the beach- Living in Florida you are never too far away from a beach. Take some time to feel the sand in your toes, the salty breeze in your hair and enjoy what so many others around the United States envy Floridians for.001 beach
  2.  Attend a country music concert- Country music is the perfect soundtrack for summer. So don’t let your summer go by without attending a concert.  Find out all you need to know here: of fans attended the 2014 Country Concert Saturday, July 12 at Hickory Hill Lakes in Ft. Loramie, Ohio. NICK GRAHAM / STAFF
  3. Go paddle boarding- Paddle Boarding can be done at a lake or a beach, as a fitness activity or for leisure and is so much fun. To check out some of my teammates paddle boarding a few weeks ago go to we know you’ll love the experience too.003 paddleboarding
  4. Pick strawberries- There is something about fresh picked fruit that just gives me the summer “feels.” This is a not only a fun activity to do with friends but also gives you something to take home.  You can find local areas to pick your own fruit and veggies as well as farmers markets that sell the very freshest here: strawberry-picking-basket
  5. Go on a bike ride- Find a new local path and explore. Don’t forget to bring sun block and stay hydrated.005 biking
  6. Visit some of Florida’s amazing swimming holes- Want do dive into some crystal clear water? Florida has some of the most beautiful natural springs. So why not make a day trip or two out of it and see some of Florida’s natural beauty. holes too far away or not really your thing? Try out the Venetian Pool instead.  It gives you a similar experience of a natual spring as the pool is fed with spring water from an underground aquifer. The pool was created in 1923 from a coral rock quarry and is engulfed in beauty and history. However, if you are visiting this local gem I caution you to go early as this hot spot fills up quickly.006 swimming hole
  7. Go to the movies- Along with the beautiful sunshine of a Florida Summer comes rain. Lots of rain.  To make the best of those rainy days be sure to check out some of summer’s hottest blockbusters.  Some films to look out for are Independence Day Resurgence, The Secret Life of Pets, The Legends of Tarzan, The BFG, Finding Dorie, and Ghostbusters.007 movies
  8. Key Lime Festival – Take a bite into South Florida and make your way to Key West for their annual Key Lime Festival. This is a festival every foodie will enjoy.  This weekend takes place July 2-4. To learn more you can go to http://www.keylimefestival.com008 Key lime fest
  9. Read a book- Whether it’s while you’re sitting outside on a summer afternoon drinking sweet tea or laying out by the pool, summer is a perfect time to dive into a new book. So take advantage of your time and read something that will change your life.009 reading
  10. Watermelon Festival- Watermelon is a summer time staple and one of the best summer time festivals is in North Florida Watermelon Festival June 24-25
    Can’t attend the Watermelon Festival?  Why not have your own watermelon-eating contest amongst you and your friends.  Want some added entertainment? Try a seed spiting contest too!010 watermelon fest
  11. Attend a food truck event- Food trucks are one of the hottest things right now. Get a taste of the different flavors your city has to offer all in one truck fest
  12. Have a picnic/ BBQ- Food brings people together. Have a picnic or BBQ and bring a football and frisbee a long for some added fun.012 bbq
  13. Go Rollerblading- With all the great food summer has to offer it is important to stay active. Might as well enjoy the great weather too with an afternoon ride.015 rollerblading
  14. Go to a Wildlife Sanctuary- A sanctuary is a perfect place to visit for all animal lovers. Sanctuaries rescue animals that can no longer survive in the wild. A top rated South Florida sanctuary to look into is McCarthy Wildlife Sanctuary.014 wildlife
  15. Attend Miami Dolphins Training Camp- What better way to get excited for football season than to watch the Miami Dolphins hit the field and practice. Be sure to check out our website regularly for dates and ticket postings for Training Camp. Tickets are free and limited so they go fast.Web

I hope these activities will help make your summer a splash! See you on the field this fall.

Fins up,


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