Behind the Boots: How to Dominate the Semester

Now that our season is over you might find yourself asking the question, ‘What do NFL cheerleaders do in the off season?’ Well I cannot speak for everyone but for me I am officially in school mode. Cheering for a professional football team is very time consuming so whenever we have a little bit of a break I like to take full advantage and focus on my studies. However our offseason is only a few months so we can’t just stop working out; tryouts are just around the corner! And just because school started doesn’t mean your bills stop. You still need to figure out how to save up some money and pay for all those textbooks! So how on earth can a college student stay in shape, stay on a budget, and get good grades?! Seems impossible right? WRONG! I am here to help you get through the typical college student struggles…


  1.         Textbooks

This is every college student’s nightmare! As if college tuition isn’t expensive enough, now we have to spend even more money on a book we are going to open maybe one time all semester. Well instead of just buying your textbooks at your schools bookstore you can try! It’s a website where you can buy or rent used textbooks. At the end of the semester you either return your books if you rented them or if you bought them, Chegg gives you the option to sell them back! Another option that has worked really well for me is sharing your book with your classmates. Usually you only use your book for one or two assignments so what I’ve done in the past is split the price of the textbook with a few of my classmates. When we get the assignment we all meet up in the library to share the book and get our work done. Cheap, productive, and easy! I’ve also bought and sold a lot of textbooks on eBay, so before you do anything I would check eBay first because usually that is the best deal.


  1.         Pack your snacks

When I am walking from class to class and I smell those freshly fried french fries from the food court, I must admit I am very tempted to indulged in the salty goodness (and yes, sometimes I do). HOWEVER I have learned a cheap and easy way to mask my temptation…I simply pack my lunch! Yes, I’m bringing it back to elementary school and have invested in a good-old fashion lunch box. By packing my lunch I am saving money by not spending $15+ at the food court everyday and I am making healthier food choices. Some days I don’t have time to pack a whole lunch so instead of buying a slice of pizza I make sure to eat before my class and bring a few dry snacks like pretzels or Goldfish to hold me over until I can go home and have dinner.  Just taking an extra 10 minutes to plan your meals for the day will  save you money and help you stay in shape!


  1.         Study in motion

College is ALL about reading assignments. Your homework is usually  to read chapters and lets be honest, most of the time we don’t read the chapter. But my advice to you is DON’T BE THAT PERSON! College professors are catching on to our no-reading habits and giving us the dreaded pop quiz. To make sure you are prepared for those evil pop quizzes you need to do the assigned readings. AND GUEES WHAT?! I have a very productive way to get all that reading done- do them in motion! What I mean by that is do them while you are at the gym! You can do them while you are on the elliptical or the treadmill. Truthfully, I hate cardio (who doesn’t?) so I always try to distract myself while I’m on those machines by watching TV or playing a game on my phone to make time go by faster. But when I’m in “school mode” I will trade in my game for my textbook. What I like to do is go on the stationary bike and read all of my chapters. It will usually take me about an hour to read everything and just like that I killed two birds with one stone! I fit in an hour of cardio and I completed all of my readings for my class.  SO PRODUCTIVE!


Being a college student is hard enough as it is but if you use your time wisely I promise you will be able to get good grades, support yourself financially, and stay in shape all at the same time (and maybe you could even squeeze in being and NFL cheerleader while you’re at it!) Hopefully my tips will help you have a smooth, easy, and productive semester!




-Alison (@MDC_Alison)

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