Behind the Boots: Lauren’s Favorite Workouts

Hi Dol-fans!

As we are heading into the new year many people set New Years resolutions to get in shape or to kick those few extra pounds. As many of you know, I’m a fitness fanatic! I love to work out, not necessarily because of the physical results, but because of all of the other things that working out and staying healthy brings about. I have more energy, I am happier, it’s good quality time with my friends and most of all, it motivates me to push my limits in every area of my life.

I am going to give you a few pointers to get your fitness goals on the right track for the new year! The exercises that I’m going to teach you are many of the same exercises that I do with the girls!
Mountain Climber Push Ups:
Start in the push up position with your hands directly in line with your shoulders. Bring your right leg in towards your chest, aiming your right knee for your left elbow. Now the other side. Bring your left leg in towards your chest, aiming your left knee to your right elbow. Repeat for a total of ten reps.  After ten mountain climbers, perform one, slow and controlled push up. Make sure to keep your hips and shoulders in line to maintain proper form. Repeat this set of ten mountain climbers and one push up for a total of eight reps.

Standing Lunges:
Place your right leg in front and left leg behind you. Bend both knees until your left knee touches the ground. Keep your hands on your hips with your chest up and back tight. Perform this exercise 15 times and then repeat on the other side. For more of a challenge, add weights to both hands and keep your arms at your side. You are doing great!

Last is Abs:
If you had a few too many sweet treats over the holiday season, like me, this one is for you! We will start with 20 sit ups followed by a 30 second plank. While planking, keep your forearms flat on the ground, your feet together and your back and hips in a strait line. Avoid your hips from dipping to the ground. Hold strong and keep straight! You can do it!

During practice, the girls and I are often put through intense work-outs, so we find silly ways to keep our work-outs fun, interesting and ways to motivate each other. We will race each other, try to do more reps than our friend or even name as many things that we can think of that we are thankful for (during our wall sits) to try to push ourselves to the max! It is so important to keep a fresh mindset and never give up! If this article has been helpful or you are looking for more workout tips, please reach out to me on Twitter at MDC_Lauren and I would be happy to help!

Working out has taught me that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it. Don’t give up, believe in yourself and always reach higher!




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