Behind the Boots: You Have What It Takes

An inspirational note from Kristan

We wake up in the morning with the opportunity to become better than we were yesterday…not better than anyone else, but better than we, ourselves, were. More so than not, our biggest enemy is the person who looks back at us in the mirror. In today’s society, it’s so easy to get hung up on what others think or say about us, but let me ask you, why did their words or thoughts become your reflection? The negative words you have heard or thoughts you have told yourself only have power if you let them. Trust me, you are more powerful than you think, and beautiful just the way you are. To me, a true representation of beauty is someone who is unafraid to be herself. The competition should not be toward the person next to you; your competition should be becoming the best version of you. Work hard for what you want and be proud of your progress without comparing it to someone else’s. Each and every one of us is designed for something great, so don’t let the fear from your mind defeat the dream in your heart; You have what it takes within you. Never give up or become discouraged because what is meant to be for your life, will be.

With auditions right around the corner, I know you are nervous, but use that nervous energy for good. Use it to motivate yourself knowing that you are chasing your dream. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you are allowing yourself to grow and will find qualities within you that you didn’t know existed. I want to challenge you to have courage because the more you use it the more you strengthen it. With courage you will dare to take risks and if you keep risking nothing, you will end up risking more in the end. You mustering up the courage to come to auditions is something to be proud of already! I also challenge you to have the strength to be compassionate, kind, and humble. Power and inner strength is how you can make a change in a positive way, by encouraging and uplifting those around you. Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams and do it in your own way. The most effective way to do it, is to have faith and just do it. So silence the noise, throw down “I can’t,” pick up “I can,” and believe in yourself. Use your God-given talent, laugh, and have fun!
SMILE! SMILE! SMILE! Shine On Ladies!


LONDON - The Miami Dolphins lose to the New York Jets by a score of 27-14 at Wembley Stadium in London on October 4, 2015. (Peter McMahon/Miami Dolphins)

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