Chantal Supports Women in Distress

Women in Distress

On the beautiful morning of October 26, I woke up with adrenaline to participate in the 15th Annual Women In Distress Safe Walk-Run 5K at Tradewinds Park.

This event had teams, individual walkers and runners who participated in order to raise awareness about domestic violence and to raise funds for the much needed programs and services which Women In Distress of Broward County, Inc. offers to victims of domestic violence in our community. I think it’s wonderful what this event embodied. It’s always a great feeling to be a part of events like this where the community comes together to support a cause.

On top of that, the weather was breezy which was awesome! This 5k was also particularly different from the ones I’ve participated in before because we were asked to lead the warm-up stretch which I knew would be fun to do. After we led all the participants in a warm-up the run began and it was nice to know everyone around me was there for a purpose. There was also many runners who ran with their dogs which I’ve never seen before at a 5k, so that was pretty cool to experience during my run.

After the run we got to meet the kids and families who participated and took pictures with the finalists on stage when they received their medals. This was an honor because it was such a sincere moment where they were all so excited to pose with us holding their medals. Overall, this event was very exciting and I loved the people from the community who I met that day. I was delighted for the opportunity to be able to represent The Miami Dolphins and I can’t wait to partake in the next 5k!



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