Cheerleaders Participate in Fleet Week 5K
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What started out as a wet and gloomy day turned into a peaceful run for a great cause! To end the 23rd annual Fleet Week Celebration, five other cheerleaders and I participated in the Fleet Week 5K. The road was full of puddles and there was no stopping in sight for the rain but as the cheerleaders and I started the warm up, all of the men and women in uniform as well as the other participants were in good spirits. As we hit the pavement running, the marines began their chants in formation. The pitter patter of feet splashing against the road with the chanting of the marines behind us had a calming effect on the crowd of runners. It was great to see the different branches of the military all supporting one cause together. Every branch was cheering each other on; the cheerleaders and I felt privileged to be a part of the encouragement alongside the men and women in uniform.

When the race came to an end we filed to the sidelines to cheer on the last participants. We also took the opportunity to talk to and take pictures with many of the people there. Despite the weather, everyone had a great attitude and a positive outlook. As they kept thanking us for being a part of the race, we couldn’t thank them more not only for this event but for being so brave and serving our country. – Rain or shine, we will support the men and women in uniform, thank you so much for serving and protecting our country!



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