Cheerleaders Visiting the Troops for Super Bowl

This weekend, 12 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders will travel to visit our troops abroad for the Super Bowl.  On Saturday, February 4th, six ladies will head to Guantanamo Bay for cheer clinics, performances and meet and greets with our military men and women stationed there, for the second consecutive year.  The cheerleaders traveling to Cuba for the long weekend will be Samantha, Candi, Nikki, Natalie W., Kylee and Lara.

Additionally, six more cheerleaders will be leaving Saturday to visit our military men and women in Bosnia and Germany, more specifically, Camp Butmir, Ramstein Air Base and Spangdahlem Air Base.  The cheerleaders that will be traveling to entertain our troops are Amy, Kellie, Monica, Brianne, Elizabeth and Kasey.  These ladies will spend nine days abroad along with three of our Miami Dolphins Alumni Players, Twan Russell, OJ McDuffie and Troy Drayton.

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