Everything Rochelle is Thankful For

What a great way to end November! I couldn’t ask for anything more than a Dolphins win to close the Thanksgiving weekend. The stadium was packed with the best fans in the NFL and their excitement during the game showed our team that they stand with them no matter what. This is the type of support and spirit that helped our team fight through the last seconds of the game for a 24-21 win over the Seahawks and the kind that energizes our cheerleaders as well. Personally, this game was filled with many moments that I will never forget.

During a small break, I was able to spot my family members who came to support me at the game. Hearing them scream and cheer for not only the football players, but for me as well, always adds excitement to the game day atmosphere.

For me, it’s always a touching moment when troops are recognized for their service at each of our games. Amongst the troops who were recognized this game, was my friend’s father. Their deployment to Afghanistan the day after the game was announced and the entire stadium rose to their feet to wish them farewell.  I found myself cheering the loudest because I wanted to let him and the other troops know that I thank them for their service.

Halftime was another memorable moment for me- I got to live out a dream to perform as a backup dancer for a musical artist! Austin Mahone performed his hit single “Say Something” and I had the opportunity to dance to fun choreography alongside the greatest teammates I could have. I have had so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving and this game was yet another reason. Until our next game, Fins up, Miami!

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