Happy Mother’s Day to My Cheerleader

It is unreal performing on the field of Hard Rock Stadium in front of thousands of people. I feel so special looking up into the crowd, spotting my Mom, and thinking she was on the same field performing over 20 years ago. It is so cute how she is always standing up cheering me on and dancing. In groups, our squad switches sideline corners for every quarter and its so funny how she follows me from corner to corner. She is like my little cheerleader in the crowd.

Before auditions, she was giving me advice on trying out. Sometimes it would drive me crazy but I always look back and laugh at what a nervous wreck she was during auditions. She drove me to my prep classes, critiqued my dancing, and gave me heath tips. I needed an outfit for my audition interview and she spent 8 hours with me in the mall to find the perfect dress. I really appreciate all of her help because I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. I’ll never forget when they called my number at the final audition and watching her cry. It was an unreal moment. She was so proud of me and I felt so lucky to be heading to training camp. 

I look up to the way my Mother is a beautiful woman on the inside and out. She still remembers some of her dance routines she performed and still has her split. My mom is also a cheerleader in the community. She is always helping friends and people in need. She is involved with 4kids charity, which helps older teens coming out of foster homes find jobs and teaches them how to support themselves. She is an incredible wife and mother to three. She is a wonderful example of selfless love.

I am so thankful and proud of who my mom is. Being dolphins cheerleader legacy is certainly a special bond I have with her. I hope one day I can have a daughter that can be a dolphins cheerleader too. I wouldn’t be able to be where I am today without everything she has done for me. My mom is always going to be my cheerleader and always going to be my hero. 

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