Kasey Completes the FLIPANY 10K!

Instead of signing up for a typical 5K, I decided to challenge myself and go for a 10K!  I had never done this before, but I figured if I could successfully run a 5K, I could do a 10K.

On January 12th, it was a dark, windy morning and I was having second thoughts about the 6.2 miles I was about to run.  However, I knew there was no backing down at this point.  I kept a positive attitude and told myself that I’m going to just do it.  Everyone who was challenging themselves to a 10K started first.  At this point, it was just myself and my music from my ipod to keep me motivated.

It seemed like I was looking for the finish line the whole time, but could not find it. Once I hit mile 6, I could finally see it.  I was so motivated at the last stretch, that I sprinted to cross the finish line.  I was then greeted by my friends who cheered me on!  I finished in a decent time, and I was so proud of myself for successfully completing my challenge.  Next will be a half-marathon!


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