MDC Alumni and the Dolphins Cycling Challenge

 Marcie Siegel layered

This year one of our alumnus, Marcie Siegel (MDC 1990-1992), is taking on the challenge of riding 170 miles in the Dolphins Cycling Challenge and raising money to help in the fight against cancer.

Here is her story:

The reason why I decided to do the DCC is that I am an avid cyclist, a Dolphins supporter and I have experienced the loss of two amazing young women this year alone.

First, my friend, Molli Serrano, who passed away from pancreatic cancer this summer, was an inspiration to me.  She was an elite athlete and competed in Iron Man Kona (with cancer) last October.  She fought the disease with courage, strength and hope.

The other person is someone I looked up to. She was a highly regarded doctor in Harvard’s medical community.  Dr. Elizabeth A. Martinez, a Johns Hopkins-trained anesthesiologist and critical-care physician who worked in the prevention of hospital-acquired infections in surgical patients.  She was committed and passionate in her field.  Dr. Martinez was the author of more than 50 papers and spoke at medical conferences.  She was the co-author of the 2007 book, “Avoiding Common ICU Errors,” which was translated into three languages.

Both these women lived life to the fullest, made a difference in our society and left their families proud of their legacy.

I have decided to take on the 170-mile ride to challenge myself mentally and physically and to remember those who have lost their battle with cancer.  To prepare for this endurance ride I got up at 5:00 am four days a week.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I rode 35 miles before taking my daughter to school. Saturday and Sunday are my longer rides where I average 60 to 80 miles.

My hope is to bring awareness to cancer while doing something that I am passionate about which is to ride.


To support her ride, please click the link below:

The DCC’s mission is to serve by donating 100% of rider-raised funds to Sylvest

er, supporting healthy lifestyles, and encouraging community awareness and support of cancer research at Sylvester. In 2011, DCC II raised $1,070,000 for Sylvester, more than doubling the funds raised in the 2010 inaugural ride. Again in 2012, DCC doubled in ridership and in fundraising. The DCC presented a check for $2,200,000 to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center on November 25th, 2012.

Shannon Ford DCC

This is the second year MDC alumni have participated in the ride and fund raising.  Last year, Shannon Ford (MCD 2001) rode in the Ft Lauderdale portion.   It was a special ride for her as she was riding in honor of another alumni, Christna Cousineau , one of the original 1978 Startbrites under the direction of June Taylor, who was living with cancer.  Christina lost her battle with the disease a few months after the DCC in 2012.  Shannon has said that riding for someone made the entire experience all the more special.  “Christina and her husband were waiting for me at Sun Life Stadium and cheered me on as I crossed the finish line.  I was fortunate to spend the afternoon with her and her family.  We kept in touch until her passing.  Though her cancer was incurable, she never gave up hope and I feel honored to have had the chance to get to know her.”  Shannon’s advices for alumni Marcie, “hydrate, pace yourself, thank the volunteers and have fun!”


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