MDC Participates in Race for Women’s Wellness

womens wellness

The 8th Annual Race For Women’s Wellness 5K, which took place on Saturday, March 30, 2013, was one of my favorite 5ks this year. When Kasey and I arrived all you could see was pink; pink tents, pink shirts, pink water bottles, pink outfits, even a pink ambulance and pink portal potties! The proceeds from this run benefited the Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund which provides free screening mammograms to women who otherwise would not be able to afford them so the presence of the color pink was extremely relevant.


All of the runners participating in this race really got into the pink theme and coordinated their outfits with matching pink tutus, head pieces, and lots of pink glitter. It was great to see all the runners showing such support to this wonderful cause by wearing all of their pink attire. It really made this race so much fun to run. This was also one of the largest races I’ve ever been a part of. There were nearly 1,500 people participating in this run which really made that chilly Saturday morning memorable. The amount of support from all of the participants, volunteers, and sponsors was incredible and I am so grateful I was able to be a part of this race.



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