MDC Support Walk for the Animals
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A few cheerleaders, myself, and a sea of furry friends helped raised funds and assisted in the adoption of man’s (and woman’s) best friends at the annual Peggy Adams Animal Rescue Leagues ‘Walk for Animals’ fundraiser on Saturday, March 10.  This is one of my favorite events!  I’m a huge animal lover, having four rescue cats and a pit-bull.  My pit bull’s name is Chopper, a rescue himself, a beautiful red nose brindle pit bull.  Before falling head over heels for him, and referring to myself as his ‘mommy,’ he was left alone. We found Chopper tied to a fence for roughly a week and a half, expected to fend for himself.  A random phone call from neighbors, and Sunrise police department’s finest, saved his life.  I took him with no hesitation.  Contrary to the description that pit bulls are usually associated with, he is the most gentle, loving, caring dog and always wants to be loved. He is my world, my companion and a Fins fan for life!

PAARL has an annual walk, numerous events throughout the year, and tons of animals that need a great home  Maybe you can be as lucky and fall in love like I did with my rescue, Chopper.

Dolphin Kisses,


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