Raquel Appreciates the Whole Season


Wow! The 10th home game of the season. I cannot believe time went by as fast as it did.  It sounds so cliché but to me it is still so surreal that I am able to cheer and perform in front of thousands of fans.  Cheering at every game always gives me a thrilling feeling but knowing this was our last home game of the season made this such an emotional day.

I started off with my regular routine waking up at 7:00am to get my hair and makeup ready and then car pool with my teammates.  Throughout the morning, my teammates were sending out text messages reminding us how long and memorable this journey has been and how grateful they were to have the team we have today.

Once I got to the stadium, I began unpacking my belongings and putting them in my locker. I just started looking around and started to take everything in and I smiled because of how happy I was to have experience this once in a lifetime opportunity with this organization.

Once the cheerleaders and I practiced our performances, we huddled up and prayed as we always do. It was a great moment for me and I really felt the energy. I was ecstatic to step onto the field for the last time as a rookie.

As we stepped on the field for our pre-game performance, I reminded myself of all the hard work I had put in order to be where I am standing today and it gave me such a warm feeling.  We then performed and got ready to split up into our groups.  My group and I did great. We were all just so excited. We were pumping up the crowd, dancing at all times and just enjoying the game.

This has been truly an amazing experience I will forever be grateful for the memories this journey has brought me.  My group ended up being group of the game and it was such a nice way to end this game.  Although we didn’t come out with a win it was a good game and we had such a great season full of heart and passion.  Hope to see you on the sidelines next season as a veteran, and remember FINS UP!


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