Rookie and Veteran of the Year

Vet Rookie of the Year

Recently, the cheerleaders celebrated their end of the year banquet at Don Shula’s Restaurant in Miami Lakes. As the Dolphins concluded the 2013 season, the cheerleaders got the opportunity to vote for their choice of “Rookie of the Year” and “Veteran of the Year.”  These are very special awards because they are voted by their teammates. The winners are….

Rookie of the Year was awarded to Estefania who says “Being selected as Rookie of the year has been a privilege.  This has been an unforgettable year full of amazing experiences. I am grateful to have been given this award, since it means that all the hard work I put in was worth it. Being part of such an amazing team full of stunning women that motivate me to give it my all each and every day is an honor. I am very thankful to have been given this award.”

Veteran of the Year was awarded to 3rd year veteran Melissa who says, “Being awarded 2013 Veteran of the Year is such an honor. The 2013 squad was filled with so many amazing women who really stepped up this past year and showed what it meant to be an MDC. Everything I did this year, was with the good of the team in mind, so knowing that my teammates saw me as a leading veteran meant that all the work I put in really was worth it. I am so thankful and humbled for this title.”

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