Stephanie Feels Thankful After Her Military Trip

Hey Fins fans!


Recently 10 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders including myself took a trip to Guantanamo Bay  and the experience was unforgettable. 
The day we arrived, we had the opportunity to have lunch with a few service men and women. We learned about their steph-gtmo-2interests, hobbies and what they missed from back home. It really was a great reminder of all the sacrifices these men and women make for us each day. Later on steph-gtmo-3that day we got to perform for the troops and families on base. We  put on a fun show with dance routines, contests and giveaways along side Miami Dolphins Alumni, Staff and radio personality, Kenny Walker. Everyone looked like they were having such a great time and the area was filled with smiles and laughter. It was such an incredible honor.  


steph-gtmo-4Our second day on base, we had the opportunity to take a tour of the base, which was astounding! We were able to enter the room where the U.S and Cuban officials meet and see the gate that separated the two territories. We then stopped by the gym on base where we were able to meet the service dogs on base and see them in action. A
few canines and their designated military person showed us how the canine searches for drugs and explosives, as well as demonstrating how they seize a suspect.  The bond a trainer and his/her canine has is remarkable. After the service dog demo, we hosted a football and cheer clinic for the children. We had so much fun, dancing and playing with them.  The Armed Forces Entertainment wrapped up our trip by providing us with a fun steph-gtmo-1night of bowling and delicious jambalaya. 


We woke up sad knowing this trip was coming to an end. We are so appreciative of the opportunity to have gone to
Guantanamo Bay and meet all the amazing men and woman who fight for our freedom. We are so thankful for the sacrifices they make each and everyday. We are forever grateful. 


Love always,


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