Unbelievable Game For Jacki


At 7:30am on a Sunday morning, the average person would be hitting the snooze button on their alarm clock, thinking ‘anyone awake at this hour is insane’…but that person is not your average Miami Dolphins fan, and certainly not one of your Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.

Before my alarm even went off at 7:30am on December 15, I jumped out of bed and looked over the gorgeous Miami skyline, taking in what a gorgeous day it was for one of our most important and highly anticipated games of the season.

Every game day is exciting for a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, but this particular game had that much more excitement added to it.  December 15, 2013. We had been told from the very beginning that not only was this a sold out game with an amazing MDC halftime performance, but a win for our Miami Dolphins would be crucial in bringing us that much closer to a playoffs spot. #itsourtime.

Driving around the Turnpike and seeing Sun Life Stadium sends chills of excitement through me since first auditioning for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders back in April. It is incredible how quickly this season has flown by…to think that we only have a few weeks left is bittersweet.

Before the game, our entire squad does various appearances throughout the stadium.  For this particular game all of the MDC’s gathered toys for the Toys for Tots organization, and my group was fortunate enough to be able to present the gifts to the Marines on behalf of the entire team.  It is an amazing feeling to be part of such a renowned organization that generously gives back to the community.

Our halftime performance was the much-anticipated “Partner Half-Time Dance” where girls on the team performed a routine in our gorgeous Santa Suits with a partner of their choice.  Some of our lovely MDC alumni joined myself and four other current cheerleaders on the field at the beginning to perform a lyrical dance to Toby Keith’s “American Soldier”, as a tribute to our troops.  This performance sent an emotional and meaningful message, which left the crowd standing on their feet in applause. It’s these moments that I can’t even begin to describe how lucky I feel to be a part of this organization, doing what I love in front of thousands of fans.

Throughout the entire game the Dolphins were toe-to-toe with the Patriots, who we have not defeated since 2009.  It was evident throughout Sun Life Stadium that our boys were hungry and not going home without a fight. And fight they did…the last 27 seconds of this game felt like the longest 27 seconds of my life! The stadium was filled with 72,000 fans standing on their feet until the very last second, when our Dolphins defense held strong and ended the game with an interception in the end zone! Sun Life Stadium literally erupted with cheers as we proved to everyone that we deserve a chance at the playoffs!

December 15, 2013.  A game that I will never forget, spent with the most amazing teammates and the best fans in the NFL!  I can’t wait to see you on the sidelines for the Jets!

Fins Up!

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