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Dolphins Cheerleaders - 1960s
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The Miami Dolphins inaugural season was in 1966, which also marked the beginning of cheerleaders on the sidelines at the Dolphins home games at the Orange Bowl. The first Dolphins cheerleading squad, known as the Dolphin Dolls, consisted of 125 girls ranging in age from 8 to 18. Of the 125 members, 48 were chosen each week to perform on the sidelines while the remaining cheered from their seats in the endzone bleachers. The Dolphin Dolls, under the direction of Bill Allen, cheered at the Dolphins games until 1977.

Dolphins Cheerleaders - 1970s
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In 1978, Joe Robbie, owner of the Miami Dolphins, decided to make his own changes regarding the image of the professional cheerleaders with the creation of the Dolphin Starbrites. This group of 30 leggy ladies were chosen out of over 300 women who auditioned to cheer at the Miami Dolphins games. These new cheerleaders were under the direction of the famous June Taylor. The first Dolphin Starbrites wore one-piece bathing suits and go-go boots. They cheered and danced on a stage in the east endzone of the Orange Bowl and put on spectacular Broadway-style half-time shows to music played by a 22 piece brass band.

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The cheerleaders were known as the Dolphin Starbrites until 1983, when the Dolphins made an agreement with Burger King to hold a “Name the Cheerleaders” contest. At the end of the contest, the Dolphin Starbrites changed their name to the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. Each year the cheerleaders’ uniforms varied from white to orange to aqua one-piece swimsuits, sometimes with a vest or fringe skirt, but always keeping the white go-go boots.

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In 1990, when June Taylor retired and Kathy Morton Shashaty took over as director and choreographer, the cheerleaders updated their uniforms and started wearing sneakers on the sidelines. Shashaty was a Dolphins Cheerleader from 1981 to ’85, and served as assistant choreographer for the squad four years prior to replacing June Taylor. In 1994, the purchase of the Miami Dolphins by Wayne Huizenga brought about changes to the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. A co-ed stunting and collegiate-style cheerleading squad was debuted at Joe Robbie Stadium on the first pre-season game. The 1996 season marked a new era for the Miami Dolphins, Jimmy Johnson took over as Head Coach of the team, Joe Robbie Stadium became known as Pro Player Stadium and Dorie Braddy (now Grogan), a former 5-year veteran of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, was recruited to direct and glamorize the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.

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In the new millennium, the cheerleaders glamorized their look with shiny white boots and rhinestoned uniforms. The squad has gone international as they have traveled and performed across the globe, shooting swimsuit calendars, performing on military tours and helping in local communities. They have been voted the sexiest cheerleaders in the NFL and continue to captivate audiences through modern media. The cheerleaders are under the direction of Emily Newton Snow, a former four-year member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

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