Making a difference in people’s lives

Making a difference in people’s lives & bringing them hope & cheer isn’t something that you can achieve in just about any career. For me there was no moment of divine intervention, but rather a gradual realization that nursing would be the perfect career for me. Moreover, my inspiration to become a nurse comes from my desire to help people & care for them in times of need. Nursing has allowed me to help many people from young to old. I am also a person who thrives on being challenged & I always have new goals to achieve, so being a nurse suits me as a few other careers offer as much diversity & learning opportunities.
When I’m not out saving lives from 7pm-7:30am I’m on the sidelines dancing as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader. In my opinion, I have the best of both worlds. Consequently, both of these occupations have made me the hard working, punctual, responsible, & kind hearted person I am today. Many people ask me how am I able to balance both, well thankfully I have an understanding nursing supervisor, who allows me to live out both of my dreams. In addition, this year as my third year I was fortunate to become one of the captains on the team. Being a captain requires a lot of responsibility & dedication, this type of requirement has kept me busy & on my toes all season. It also has enabled me to be more organized & balanced with juggling two jobs. It’s such a delightful blessing to be able to do two things I love so dearly, always remember the sky’s the limit.

Florida State University School of Nursing

“A delay is not denial, but a time of preparing you for the promise”.

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