Nebraska Girl in a Miami World

Born and raised in Nebraska, relocating to South Florida has been quite the journey. From cows and cornfields to palm trees and beaches, my move was nothing short of an adventure. I know what you’re thinking, the two couldn’t be more different. My hometown may not have any ocean views, but what it does share in common with the sunshine state? Football!

Growing up in Nebraska you could say life was pretty quiet, that is until football season came around. Though my passion has always been dance, my love for football led me to cheerleading. After all, the best seats at any stadium are always on the sidelines! I started cheerleading in high school and fell in love. When I decided to attend the University of Nebraska for college I knew I had to be in on all the Nebraska football action, so I tried out for the cheerleading team. Through my experience as a college cheerleader, I built life long friendships with my teammates, spent countless hours volunteering all around my community, and I learned how to balance college academics with a busy schedule. I had so much fun cheering for my team on game day Saturdays that after four years, I still wasn’t able to give it up! I graduated in May of 2016 from the University of Nebraska and decided to pursue my biggest dream yet, cheering for the NFL.

When I decided to start my journey to the NFL there was only one team I had in mind. The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders are not only talented dancers, the opportunities and experiences this team offers is like no other in the league. I knew I wanted to be apart of an organization that similarly to my college team, spent even more time and commitment off the football field. The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders spend countless hours in elementary schools, youth programs, nursing homes, and at fundraisers and charity events all over South Florida.

Last year alone, the Dolphins cheerleaders went on 5 military tours visiting American troops all over the world. My first season with the Dolphins, I traveled to Barbados for our calendar photoshoot, spent time in the Bahamas for a Dolphins event, and visited U.S military in Greece, Romania, and Egypt. These are just a few of the many opportunities this program provides. My favorite part about my experience as a Nebraska cheerleader, was the people I shared it with. My teammates were my very best friends. While picking up my life in my hometown to move to Miami I often wondered how I would ever meet a group of girls as wonderful and how homesick I would be without them. To my surprise, my Dolphin teammates have been the most welcoming and kind group of young women, and quickly became my second family. Some days I still can’t believe that my wildest dream came true, and I am here in South Florida cheering for the Miami Dolphins. My experience at Nebraska was very memorable and I am thankful that it not only led me to
pursue cheerleading professionally, but that I ended up with the greatest organization in the NFL!

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